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  1. What the heck is this?   Prepare to be immersed into the most intense game of your life!  You and your team will work together with an investigator from the NJ Department of Paranormal Activities to cleanse our building of a real live entity, but be careful as the entity will be trying to hunt you at the same time! Pretty cool huh?

  2. How old do I need to be to participate?   Unfortunately, the NJ Department of Paranormal Activities only allows those that are 16 and up to participate in any entity cleansing.  (16 -18 must have a waiver signed by parent)).

  3. What should i bring?  A great attitude, respect for the game and live actors, and a healthy dose of courage is all you need to be part of this amazing event.

  4.  Is this an escape room?   No.   There will be elements of problem solving, and relic hunting, but this game is primarily about interaction and vanquishing a real live entity.

  5. Can I touch the entity?  NO   The entity must not be touched by you or anyone in your team.    However, the entity CAN touch you (shoulder, hand and back only).   Making contact with the entity enrages it to the point your game will have to end.  Any disrespect to the actor or the game itself will result in the game ending and your group being asked to leave the premises.

  6. What happens if the entity touches me?   You are “dead” and must remain in the lobby for the rest of the game

  7. What kind of entity am i doing battle with?   There are over 30 different entities.  You must figure out which one is currently haunting our building.   Figuring out what entity it is is the key to knowing how to defeat it.

  8. How do I know which entity it is?  We will supply all the tools necessary to help you identify your enemy!

  9. Does the game change, or is it always the same?    Each week features a new entity and different challenges.    With over 30 unique entities, and several different characters for each entity, there are literally THOUSANDS of unique games to be played.

  10. How many people can participate in each game?    We require a minimum of 6 people, and the maximum permitted is 12.

  11. How scary is this?   This game will literally be one of the most intense games you have ever played.   The scare and creepy factor will be off the charts.

  12. Can I cry out to Mommy if I get too scared?   Of course, but you may not like the response!

  13. Can I quit during the game if I get too scared?   Yes.   We utilize safe words in case you need to leave the game.

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